Although each day is different, young children do like a routine, so I do try to have a general daily structure.

8.00-8.30am Children arrive. Breakfast and quiet activites

8.30-9.15am School/Nursery drop off's

9.15-10.00am Free choice activites/visit playgroups

10.00-10.15am Snack time

10.15-12.00 noon Free choice activites

12.00-12.30pm Lunch time/Nursery pick ups

12.30-2.00pm Free choice activities/visit playgroups

2.00-2.15pm Snack time

2.15-2.45pm Free choice activites

2.45-3.45pm School/Nursery pick ups

3.45-5.00pm Free choice activities

5.00-5.30pm Tea time 5.30 Home time


During the free choice activity times we may go to the local parks, shops and Children's Centres. Children have free access to a large secure play area in the back garden.